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you participate on your first word, you keep edifying on your own work. Anytime you necessitate swapping tiles, you lose a life you only have a totality of three. When your last life ends, your score is considered. This Word with Friends Cheat Board can be used as a scrabble word fider for word games such as Words with Friends Cheat and of course Scrabble help too. The thought is that you put the letters from the tiles on your bracket into the rack, and fill the board. The most important purpose of this scrabble cheat board is to be used as a guidance tool and not as a scrabble cheat tool. So bring into play it wisely, you will have smooth more fun using this Scrabble Cheat Board. Two to four players play in any game of Scrabble Cheat Board game. The object of Scrabble Cheat is to score more points than one’s challenger. A participant collects points by insertion words on the game board. Every letter has a diverse point value, so the approach becomes to play words with high scoring letter combinations.