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Evans and Burghardt call that increasing your physical activity, and perhaps you move eventually to something a little more formal like going to the YMCA and doing a physical workout. If you want to take a look at a model of that can be done at home, here is one that I recommend. After you finish your chocolate and your workout, you will need to attend to nutrition, a very important aspect of brain boosting, including getting your omega 3 fatty acid. Evans and make some recommendations about sleep and stress management also, but the last pillar of brain fitness is one that I think offers a wonderful range of brain boosting opportunity, and that is the novel learning experience. That is where you get to try out some computerized tools which are challenging, efficient, and have some research behind them Some are computerized but not online. You buy them and download them, and they complement your other brain boosting activities perfectly. Others are online, and you can keep them booted up and switch over to them for a few minutes of brain boosting between clients or calls.