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Both genders will experience similar symptoms including a radical decline in hormone levels, usually in their late forties, or early fifties. Men and women, both, should learn how to cope with these conditions as they become evident in the spouse. Changes for females are well documented and well known. This article will deal with the male side of the condition. The symptoms of andropause include erectile dysfunction, extreme mood shift, fatigue, loss of strength. Muscle mass and armpit hair, testicular shrinking, night sweats, irritability and depression. The reason for these changes has to do with a decline of androgens levels, often resulting in a personality shift away from what is typically regarded as masculine behavior. A man may develop a greater interest in family as opposed to career. While changes are not always appearant to the men experiencing andropause, their increasingly irritable nature and bouts of depression are often obvious to their wives, who as a result of their spouse’s personality changes, often suffer depression as well.