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Due to mans indulgence to sports more and more new and extremely daring sports develop. These sports are just an enhancement of the century old games others are just a new invention and some are combination of both the old and the new sports. For the newly accepted sports accessories and other equipment are needed in order to perform the sports effectively and safely. Among these extreme sports that gained popularity this day is Power Bocking. This is where the players compete in running and jumping with the use of jumping stilts. Movements in this sport is inspired by a kangaroo, thus a jumping stilts resemble the legs of kangaroo in order to gain momentum and velocity. Without these jumping stilts the athletes or the contenders of Power Bocking could not perform well. Because they will only be relying on the speed of their legs to carry them. Whereas hopping, jumping and running with the aid of these jumping stilts surprisingly improve their speed and maximizes their capability to run. These jumping stilts are equipped with power spring making the user or the player bounce higher than bouncing without one.