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reduce the risk of lower back injury, and is also an important component of a weight management program. Using dumbbells with your strength training for golf program will make it inexpensive; and you can do it right in your home. Using dumbbells allows you to work many dynamic movements nearly identical to your golf swing. This is called sport-specific training. The benefit over machine training is enormous. Dumbbells or free-weights don’t have to be heavy either. They can range from as light as 5 pounds each, all the way up to 30’s or 40’s depending on your current strength levels. A training program for golf can be done with very little discomfort, and in 30 minutes or less. Do not make the excuse you don’t have time. You are choosing to not have time if you say this. The benefits of a golf strength training program is more power and distance; less injuries; better endurance for 18 holes of golf; better receptive muscles to produce a mechanically sound swing.