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    NG wigs: no bangs cheap wigs Recommended wigs: wigs Highlights: Qi Liu to cover the high forehead, the wigs can not be cut too thin to maintain an appropriate sense of abundance, in three different sizes of paper was upright on the volume, irregular Large degree show with the nature of modern beauty.leave out or after work gatherings, simple comb method can make your image a subtle change. Simple combing subtle changes twice head of wigs into the wigs grip determines whether or not the US. Revolute fluffy head of wigs and cheeks on both sides of the wigs, elegant image spontaneously. First of all the wigs a little bit of hot roll. Then take some head of wigs Wang Qianmian grip, then both sides of the wigs after screwing around with the wigspin in the middle. The clip just in front of the wigs is divided into two parts, after screwing around and then the lower part is also caught in the middle, when the watch folder to make the tail out of Alice. Finally, on top of the rest of the wigs down, and then the same with the wigspin clip on wigs below the part. Pay attention to make the wigs look fluffy and head appear higher. With wigsmart the tail wigs iron will to make it seem a little roll roll more scattered, and then half of the wigs in the head a bunch, this time to pay attention to both sides of the wigs to be tightened. Head of wigs with your fingers to gently pull catch some, it would appear to be higher, and the head of wigs to make the wigs look stylish point. Then put on a wigs accessories to add a little color. Finally, at the end of the wigs spray on a little wax to make it curl more.you are still able to sleep more than a few minutes in the morning to worry about the wigs thing? Are you still worry about the volume to launch an attack to take care of? Are you upset about the wigs look old? Curls popular, but straight wigs alive today to introduce you to 5 popular Japanese wigs straight wigs to see if there is no suitable. wigs Highlights: This is a modified BOB head after the fact than the homogeneous sub-bangs side bangs easier to manage, but the entire face appear more neat, but also adds an intellectual beauty. Simply morning care, focusing fluffy bangs, gradually thinning from start to finish on both sides, showing little face face small V, the same can be simply and quickly create three-dimensional wigs.

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