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    You want to go mass-market there’s there’s a lot of things lot of factors that are involved the people on our stand like yes a lot of factors to do with the quality I to do with you know being sold on price point more than anything else when you want to go mass-market it’s a price point things and not as anon yeah absolutely the mass market retail demand the low price point essay I need this product yeah to be abuse be sold at this price to cover this Ripped Muscle X profit margin this cost the Commission on the salesperson et cetera et cetera said yeah absolutely the maker worst not only is the mass market retailers demanding low price point but the supplement company that has to go and encompass sale stuff commissioned actually pushed apart over other brands you can never trust a sale stuff yeah up yeah absolutely not to mention most the mark very it’s June summers anyway how it also going to cut two companies corners the mass-market retailers will make this up manufacturer: by a hundred thousand dollars a month in magazine asked in Table mobile on the bar you know those local to take for a reason most people don’t know that.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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