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    You mean Juan Nam mo 1 let’s go good work all scared everyone just like a they’re all ball a professional body goldfish was an idea that Joe wheeler and thought about for a really long time and it was to bring back always formergreats who had been in a previous Olympia what it was to get all these all-time greats that many other people remembered going back to as much as twenty or twenty-five years get him on stage again long well I think that I can totally understand if anyone wants to come back can compete area in the mist competition maximum shred initials the very Arnold schwarzeneggerwho seven-time mister Olympia a you know to come back out of retirement in to get back into the swing again and to get that momentum going into rhythm going of training and to create the hunger am which is the most important thing to create the will and the hunger to train for five hours a day in to be that competitive when you get to the competition did you would do anything possible no matter.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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