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    I E I mean what you read a few is because your need to read anymore cut he fucking repeat himself and over again but then again then again maybe imp same repetition you know this is good thanks explains itself main goals had to get everything you want fastening you could possible basically Isabel Coles it how to set goals is not a fitness book if you have a fitness goal it’s a dines book will help this book we have all your goals Testinate 250 including your fitness goals so as ago with and his other book right here a never get sick again you know this is really go book arms-length abducted his book but he’ll smell overall help me how to stay healthy you know you is a good book is good for the book you know check me out you on a diet by doctor I this is a really good book you know you learn a lot from this shit ‘me cited as many times as many of us with doctor eyes he does think Body for Life by Bill Phillips mean dismal books are read in the 90s on gal bill put me on me like honestly in the nineties dies was the dude I looked up to pieces may he had his own magazine muscle media in these tough powder ES poor situations the Indian they basically invented create see now.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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