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    But is definitely growing on the last a years and the Americans listen to be quite and complacent labor especially with the with the training you Superior Muscle X know I never go to America to train over there seems like it I never see anybody really trying very hard in the genes were back in an England in our things more the working the type that they can the guys in generally going for an early training on everything like that mine of the sophisticated kinda facilities and so another having the states but I think there’s a lot more a you know is on your heart and a lot more got something they had a little bit Susana States and this may be a line I get a lot of the European bodybuilders coming up and being the bus from the size a financial standpoint view a.m. you know keeping options open maybe up to spend sometime in the States so long move there a for some time you know Yeah small taken make sure you’re using a bit more pressure than .

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