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    Calorie level and at protein level even levels have HCG that we give peoples we’ve learned a lot over the last year you know a lot of people come in Garcinia Life Plus obviously lose weight and get there you know get their help back what are some other side benefits to people talk about as a result point to the program I tell you I’ve had people that have continuously told me their increased energy level they sleep better at night I hear that right from the very beginning how people at tell me they’re sleeping much better am they don’t have the hunger issues they don’t have cravings and if they do we have ways to treat cravings that they have so I’m I it’s a very positive thing at to hearth good a result have heard several the fibromyalgia patients and fibromyalgia are people who deal with chronic muscle pain body pain that’s kind of a mystery to conventional medicine they report reduced pain father on the program I’ll now there’s a sense a real sense of .

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