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    Changes got worse and worse and looking at the blood flow to theheart we found that those moderate changes in blockages caused a 300percent improvement in blood flow in 99 percent of the patients were able to stop or reverse the progression of their heart disease this is what we published in German equally important as was a study done by doctor Richard Fleming hi from my Nebraska here he took men adwomen who went on a diet so much what I would recommend and also people who went on Americans type high-protein diet and what if .
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    I’m what we found was that his political system the respect he runs looking at blood flow to the heart inbred blood flow is the bottom line and heart disease as you know red is good here so on a dime is representative scandal it was published in a peer-reviewed journal the pot for improved on a who considerskhana chancy diet similar to what I would recommend actually worsen where people went on a diet similar to hide protein diet that word that knows that was a high protein diet so much what r dragons would recommend it so when I say that your mortgage your health when you going to die like this we now .

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