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    You’re plugging into something like at you may use an adapter like I’m using a BNC to RCA adapter flowing into this TV get cost about $25at Radio Shack remember once you set this thing up 1c1c mounted on the wall there are configurations that you may be able to set all to make it do whatever it does so you know honestly as tell you actually install these things quite 200-001 anew times and there’s nothing worse than when you mounted a camera 330 feet up in the air and we’re all proud in the right direction blah and you’re done and you’re about to get check from a client and then you realize that one single camera doesn’t look quite right because as I said you’ve got time I resign or high-pressure iris so then you take camera re-take the latter of the van goober it you know climb up thirty feet you mess with the camera love law everything would be much better if.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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