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    I’m hungry got my hungry for a win after narrowing down the top five to the final two the possibility stand aqua winning is50-50 in yeah Michael s in the top line message sayings yeah is it a big to meet with some excess yeah it’s worth all the hard work you know you delete Stan is greeted by his biggest fan club his mom dad and girlfriend Carolina Anabol X1 yeah Nick must bodybuilders the first day after their first contest they take out me everything in sight and I did it are at Train good reading the lucky man yeah I really like his all-time go and I want a lotto when the competition is over the crowds have all gone home and the diet has been broken it is just a matter of days before the bodybuilder heads back into the gym to begin the cycle all over again Ideally don’t know as far as a what direction I’m going you know I’m still new to the sport I’m not here to make some money is like everyone else.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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