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    The crease which is going to act as are blending base its going to make it a little easier to blend Outback Darfur Cairo going to put into the crease stamp on the way here when like champion some insane so Jess who dies phones on them I yeah okay I was going to go and the fight is going tube a corner British going to go and apply that into they require making a little be shaped that’s a sign up I think this is what I did in thing want to see how that goes these lights are so bright it’s like that second coming of Christies like having him from my eyes which radiance stages of beauty can go and when that out that’s cool there on am have you watched he was crispy videosyeah K in her lap to delete this spring make upon she is like literally apply the perfectly bland ok reason I kid you not once was but she just like group you think is perfect blend BL it insane like I was like she my pants Iliad if it happened I rewind it like 30 times because it was literally just like one swoop and everything like you like this harsh line on the bottom but there is a perfectly blended on toppling I’d like I had show you one day yeah quad est. where he Press.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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