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    I’m just about its action Oracle their road have a spin on referencing the Kurdish jeans and some lessons a success we can learn from that and runners heritages they are make a lot of money and they do certain things right least someone planning their life to something right and so yeah I was just jump into let’s start here with references so the goal when Testo Xtrm we’re lifting weights right just start with that is to get stronger and get bigger I am I don’t think anybody want to just get bigger and bigger most having no strain and you know we you see that a very minute the actual sometimes with like so the big body builders like I remember seeing ideology color struggling Rep 405 on Geddes for like I think you got the wraps but was struggling in that that’s ridiculous fell for a guy his size mean I can get you maps 405 try to placate yep by sixty I’m like all warmed up whatever.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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