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    You guys of them keep it up has one ok all right go ahead and switch I’m here going everywhere alright some member what to do hit bring it down back then jump on it job and I’m a bit of low over here from hamstring hurts good job the fifth best lot around good job ok hurt last one yes alright okay be right there old only governments involved great headway you can you go to you alright David bicep curls open up chance axis of rotation is assured and international more there you go with my of me from prevent not left out well controlled with this hot want to Regula RX feel for I fully other then not right I can fill nothing moving but your forearm to job well controlled you super lightweight adopt alright for you have overhead triceps extension K keep your elbows together and I wanna-feel this over there on the other side cute x3 K right here we go jump onion want to split can’t believe you up to you watch the elbows you not know that but I’m watching you good work the pica I am all the way up pal called almost done.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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