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    I go I go on terror police I her the last rites with Vero her here I shrub steno bro dude I locate die so you to the Coyotes stars that’s it for today come back tomorrow you guys have planned started back pond in the gorbachev hey you guys don’t come on and welcome tour home skydive you have two spots for the pope’s first goes to the living area this dining area and come on into the kids and the on the road Cody’s they actually look up something interesting I like to show you guys that’s what I’ll try smile front row and security let them go there nice xanogen male enhancement I’m the wire and was going through the TV area you nobody bothered to such a itself is for but what’s different nowise that I’ve made a lot of my goals I I’ve made a lot of money about lost a lot of money and now I’m have an opportunity to possibly do that again and I’m going to a lot of things differently now you know I live now along with and a professional bodybuilder I want to be able to live on and join my wife my future wife my family in our future kids I’m just doing normal things going outman an hour you know I’m that yeah going to know more on his left knee yeah she’s I mean you have no idea.

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