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    Your hands forward alrightsqueeze knees together press your hands down an elbow straight lean forward and hold it up here like this for a moment press their straight with the one foot of in the air a little raw little and then exhale step back chattering and awesome about push-opposition lower dock with official get hard after back to inhale upward facing as hell downward facing I can let yourself rest and our facing for a moment the back to be pretty open by now than a look forward and in hell jump it forward cross your feet and said all the way down so that all movement is really good for the hips I was gonnabreak that down a few more time not so easy for everyone Spartagen XT he wanted actually jump your feet to profligate position like this and after the jump to hear you can sit-down and straighten your legs you can then there any a more advanced versions but let’s just try it out more time to get help space at the spine after some the back bench press UP underneath you policy close to your hips and then being followed like this rollover here shoes take the hands forward and then clean your chest for step althea way back bend your elbows lower now inhale roll over to upward facing exhale downward facing from dollar for sale step the right foot step the left foot past year from all of that place from talking going to sink down into your hips let your hips touch.

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