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    Get asked that a lot about who were my role models growing up inthe answer is I didn’t really help them I didn’t have idols are role Ultimate Muscle Black Edition models are people I didn’t grow up saying I want to be this person when I grow up IA E feel like I learn from the people that I was around whether it be my mom and my dad urn mom other race car drivers are team owners along the way that I gave me opportunities and taught me things about business in about racing about life am I always wanted to be the firstAnnika Patrick not the next somebody else and somebody need to tweak that her I am IIID I don’t know if inside I always knew I was kind of different are and maybe is very I guess it’s pretty obvious I don’t know a raceme but I just that I just didn’t want to be like anyone else I wanted to I wanted to be me an Tom I had bigger dreams and you are considered areole model you okay with that .

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