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    You have cloth you still want to keep a car smelling fresh don’t body in oil stains on a quest to just keep it our two handy that you can you know in a pinch you just put it down you never know when someone’s wet on or are you that sunscreen on or you’ve been in the pool or whatever and it’s a great way to protect the interior of your car he ever want to sell your car the first thing a dealer looks at for anyone looks at is how well you kept the interior La Lumieres Kazakh tell them how well you kept the engine how well you kept the rest the car and I had is a on a bed liner for the for the inside the truck and this is a very useful thing you don’t have to get explore but I found that the Justice competitively priced when I bought it as the other retailers that make these and it fits perfectly in the car I what’s really nice about it is it protects the carpeting it’s easy to slide grow season and now if you buy plants if you buy one time with my kids really small I had brought home some milk from the supermarket put it in my car it was leaking I actually I didn’t have one of these the mail got all over the carpet I can’t even tell.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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