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    Gone as far as drugs at the expense of just getting more and more Sizemore more harness has the same reason why I’m coming into the sport and staying natural I’ve seen two hundred bodybuilders come in today and every single one that went on stage was drug tested thank you there are natural bodybuilders they are tested their organizations now just four natural competitors so I have full faith and these competitors are natural close ad as now Raleigh changes okay I promo nicest now but I’ll hit be looking like guy better who says reptiles muscle mania is open to men and women amateurs and pros the class division start with teenage boys and go all the way up through the Masters division LifeForce T-2000over there are over competitors the west well called everyone is going to come right here is really going to help a child that’s great about profit list ourselves cocky or anything but you know same time you going to be coming as well also mi amigo out there expecting the west this weekend stand and Travis are competing.


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