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    You have a really nice full stretch stretching his hands above your head every single time you come back tithe center you’re getting a really good rotations those shoulders nice deep loans every single time you go off the sides again just keep those lines open given nice even pace you’d always be this motion up little bit if you want to make you a SlimXo Clitramine bit harder whatever you do don’t make it make it out of control he was always be under control tease at five seconds left 3 to one and jog in place go one more round those virtual jacks coming up 10 seconds 5 for 3 to want good starting out are scum stripper for that chest pas right shoulder height and right back down slapped a friend outside and back up again can make it as quick as a motion control just making sure everything is nice and control you don’t have anything going the flailing around or loose.

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