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    I’ve seen really increases the testosterone which increases desire and performance interest inland sustaining power up how much do you take well first offal that different for every guy you start out talking a bit more tell literally you’re wanting sexton much at the time I mean that’s really what happens you know I would I’m be compiling my wife around if Intake too much at this stuff so I have to back off from taking it but I took it for a while every day for a month and that I had my testosterone tested and there was like 56 years old at the time and my testosterone at that time after taking this was the same level was in my thirties now your average male at forty years Drill Pill older fifty-years-old has happened testosterone levels he had when he was a younger man and for me it come back to normal but my symptom wise with feeling more energy more motivation more energy around the house to help my wife do think particularly the interest in planning dates going out being a little romantic allow that energy to lessen occasion would arise typically for man after seven days haven sacks his testosterone levels for one day will double so that the moment which you know which is generally the date night where guys going to have the energy to put forth for his partner and then of course you haves in the cycle starts over but you can have.

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