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    We have to look at her give us for you know the first deter ales inclined the stanzas driving freaking not seen other on the back of every celebrity John magazine out there on late night TV and I really pray on the week that you certain buzz words like eliminate the toxins there the poisons in your body they will use a scare tactic in the or better a better-peeing T-Advance myself yeah people always have an internal fear that their they have something weird in them I’ll but here’s the crazy part like your body not for the talks a fight itself from in these guys claim you know limit the talks about what talk since why can’t the name them in the market you know where this crazy talk to you in your body that’s good point and you know to make an even crazier is that the usual we called biofeedback in industry and if you feel are you see something to believe it works if it is or not hmm so you know using indigo and cleanse the use in clinical betonies clay you take this little tiny milligram outland act like a sponge take the pill dude blows up in.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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