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    We start to slowly see after you’re right it’s probably been forty-plus years since Akins introduce this concept and would just embracing it right now in researches certifying his thoughts and his books so yeah it’s a very old to conservative group unfortunately and very Radisson for change they’re just not really a embracing change rapidly unfortunately well I’ll hopefully we’re both doing little bit to help people figure out that you don’t have of two-way in order to Bellesse see if something works because the concurrent I’ll we have this amazing piece a biofeedback technology too little bit dated but it’s called a mere tonight a change I A and my skin Bellesse looks different and my pants don’t fit anymore because they’re too big like I’m pretty sure I’m on the right path did know exactly when you see a wonderfully absolutely that’s proof in the pudding happened now it is the in a fairytale land we’re all just be going higher fat lower toxin can indict in magic will happen and we all look like supermodels I’m why it’s what about some the other things that you look at like heavy metals like how what how big a problem is that how much do.

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