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    your weight toum dispersant foot you’re going to have a totoc want to put up on October try to be back in issue as well to soak up more repetitions keep that for nice assault fact is your last one and lateral accidents at those dumbbells up did those feet doing jogging in place you want to make it harder he goes to high knees Forskolin Belly Buster

    are jumping jacks roomier during our second and last set of the Dead lesser toes and coming up next about toto seconds so again be Forskolin Belly Buster thinking about what way you won’t be using for that five more seconds and set those weights up grabbed whatever way you want to be using for this one nice flat acts like bananas knees toes turned in towards each other start up slowly dropping down hinging only from the hip joint trying to get as much range emotion thetas you possibly can to ski folks and keep your back flatcamille’s longs open don’t hold your breath nice even pace both up and down getting just two more repetitions ago form nice flat back the entire time keep those lines open we’re almost done and literal outskirts of those dumbbells update that active rest going to those feet moving as much as .

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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