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    Why it’s so important to do any composition songs are score into any type of audiovisual programming always get a copy to Scheck it to make sure all the information is accurate because that’s how you will get paid forever anytime that film per episode is shown anywhere in the world so always try to get a Catholic you should and make sure its Acura now yup yes I am looking at the I did to discuss I just gave me about this one percent the box office on James Horner Road I side Make Free Money he did avatar and Titanic has all the music and those back rooms were Hans Zimmer up to get Margo you have Marvel’s The Avengers which number 323 I’m not upset I think you know that where the Rings was Howard Shore but no did these the composer’s can make an absolute fortune this particular right because the film do over a billion dollars you know overran overseas performances but for any writer even if you have along in a film that does not do well some money is being generated a movie theater performances so.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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