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    I do not buy products from eBay absolutehaberson not iron I just there’s no way kid yeah ever get me to buy private that some the main reason I by Josie Marin is because this is brand that introduced me to the argon oil and so I just it’s a brand that I trust that the brand that I’m a little too and I know that it works for me I know it is expensive this bottle right here alone I think is forty eight dollars however I do you get an auto deliver ion QVC with a set I mention this in previous s oh my guitar on oil dark on Mill Creek and moisturizer and her lip balm for bellavita anti-aging serum like 60 bucks so I get that every three months so I’m not paying as much for just one bottle product but this is absolutely a phenomenal product I just I cannot even describe to you how much more youthful this will make your skin look and it going to major scandal hydrated and there’s has never I where this man Iwaki up in the morning I feel like I don’t even need to use moisturizer is just an all-around just for crude products for me I can clearly live of the a cleanser adjust this product alone it does everything for me and if there’s one thing.

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