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    How it works but first let’s start with a little biological history lesson it is currently accepted that man rests firmly at the top of the food chain unless we wander into the African jungle to be confronted by a lion or go swimming in the mid-Atlantic and come face to face with the great white shark we fear no animal even in these cases we have technology Luxoderm to make a safe weave guns to shoot Lions in steel cages should we wish to get closet a man-eating shark and lived to tell the tale this invulnerability to other life forms is however an illusion there are millions of creatures that have been feeding on us and often killing us since the dawn of time I’m speaking of course not a large in fearsome beasts with claws and fangs but the tiniest of god’s creatures I’m talking about viruses bacteria fun guy yeasts and parasites throughout human history we have been at war with these infective microbes they have colonized us living in our skin our lungs our intestines and our internal organs our bodies have become their homes and their food source early man could not attack these tiny creatures.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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