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    Made me who I am today because if you have this never losing never given up attitude waiting that’s not on my wall not marry when they quit keep going when they sleep and work harder when they say that I can’t count me out children at hand when I tell them about EREMAX my dreams and they happen I make sure a math class almond cream cheese I miss my chase my dream one else’s I it’s me a kiss working but on has no who’s in I will not do this go him this far and I’m not stopping you now Home Hardware that was bad about you do pay off because at that ok and I’m not hiding from me leave where are you I meet you the mucus and hard work I trust 0 on them for this 0 it was a young man who you know you wanton make a lot of money is so he wanted his guru right vetoed a cool I want to be on the same level you off sonic booms that if you want to be on the same level are more I’ll meet you tomorrow at the beach at 480 the like the beach I said I will make money I don’t wannawhale Moore said you want to make money I meet .

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