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    Know I can it’s like who the best baseball lawyer yeah or who was about all right here are the run Sammy Sosa whatever in Clio I probably all while don’t want a ride or it is really hard was say I’m a big guy so what I white thank God you know where ad Superior Muscle X bags really work or you know wanna white me but workers bigger is better I was mi amour Korean Gary any other war when you look at no get okay call for your Walton wide when you look you know but they were great mister love you I would a get by doctor hopefully I don’t we they hit were walk changing editor after one but maybe I’ll get it she had through well I think about it more we r O’Gara your yeah you know no question I mean we hey is one other rated human being I’ve ever he here Hearst tower the being is the whole is better body his body is cream was one great all are mom so you can query you know that I while parole a rare uploaded a II are they we’re all pardon well you know weenie you know .

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