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    I did that I couldn’t get back to my back so it took me like good I’m Connell three months bad night’s sleep housing this is not going to be worth it because you know one thing I’m tired all the time like a lot worse by it took like some weird stuff like first I had to do certain about modified have Baxley so I have to still have my legs up intern to the Amabella Skin Serum side you know but then I win from my hips up kind turn my torso back to the back and on York force myself to make my shoulders lie flat even though my hips and legs were side and then after that I got control that could sleep with my shoulders down the whole night then I started putting my legs out it’s where I’m sleeping like a ill practically a money if I could I could sleep like this one and Tonya now that I’ve got it down I sleep great I’m not tossing turning amore I don’t have the shoulder pain when Iwaki up I don’t have hip pain when.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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