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    Know each other and three to wine good I was sweet to foot high fives was implanted of identifies guys grabber dumbbells let’s do it lots of heavy breathing called how you feeling be fares you may go yeah and flying to wine relax alright but I want to high five back here much3-day high fives you if your arms out to those alrightnow circuitry menu thing I’d call fast feet your start here back and forth on a call I’ll hit you going to hit the ground pop right backup go back in the fast feet second exercising and use a small crunch lay down the ground just like this setback feet in the air I’m fireside the attack your heels the goal here go faster less exercise again you major dumbbells into a single egg stiff leg deadlift now want you guys to do more than on Fox bend over as far as you can go all the way that’s fine most large a flexible to allow use of all over maybe fifteen seconds per leg guys ready alright as he does SP go on and get she good pass the test suite as we got abs Diego dead good yet kept up athlete as he passed because ..
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Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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