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    Charmaine clothing style  do battle gorgeous palace drama course. But in recent years, wireless tighten spending, producer had to give up a port on location, hit the one million with funds the costumes and headdresses. On the flamboyant and glamorous clothing degree a good few blocks, she has done a pampered Aifei emperor in the middle of the story, the change panoply round. It is reported that Yang Yi head start to 200,000 line first to win the first shake Charmaine User Paizhuan:. ‘clothing TV B of N years little progress are not, all with a set of equipment Ming Tang and Song! ‘Xiaobian take you dissect ‘New Moon’ in the cheap wigs secrets’New Moon,’ the entire film behind some unknown details below Xiaobian analysis of what some of the characters in this movie cheap wigs little secret. Actor Robert Pattinson and actress Kristen Stewart 1. To make the actor Robert Pattinson and actress Kristen Stewart is the first step into the role in order to allow male and female roles can be like inside the novel, the male and female wigs made a change, Mary Ann Valdes —- film’s wigs stylist, said: ‘Their wigs color or to comply with wigsmart the evening light on a crescent city movies, but must in New Moon the movie have to do some wigs change. ‘In order to have a better effect twilight, she let the actors to bring a wig, determines wigs color, she put the actor has brought Stuart Gavert Beverly Hills salon and actor Jonathan Castellanos together wigs dye. Rober Pattinson 2. Perfect wigs Color Gavert Rober Pattinson said: ‘The novel interpretation of the image of the hero Edward very attractive young man, but the heart stops beating, put bright white skin, golden eyes and wigs that looks like marble We like to create a variety of superb technology and a new approach to the movie actor’s wigs color Twilight Saga: New Moon in the use of natural wigs color light increases the contrast between light and dark effect ‘Nikki Reed 3. Nikki. Reed appeared with golden wigs styling plays Nikki-Reed play Rosalie Hale, her wigs are dark brown, she needs as Rosalie Hale has a long golden wigs. Gavert said: ‘The director does not want everyone’s wigs is like a typical vampire is black’s.’ Do not need a whole wig, Valdes decided to Nikki Reed’s wigs roots fade, and then on top of the wigs at the wigs 3/4 glue a little wig.

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