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    you can spend a little bit more money in your looking put on muscle DS Park acid the hot natural testosterone and the beach Mb if you’re looking tout you know you are cut the skin like I am CLA fish oil BCAA’s in between meals because you really want to stay make sure that you’re getting enough for those amino acids to keep to keep your muscles from breaking down a min also I could set a fat burner a as fat burner want you Choice 9000 Caralluma to plot so what you’re not losing any more weight on taking a fat burner thing to really help out I’m a big fan of proprietary blends on one thing I like about of the moment usually gives you exactly how much everything’s in here for example this tells you exactly how much you know else it really means in it tells you are Euros get beat Alan unit grams I really like what companies do that proprietary blend or something to be very careful for because you know exactly what you’re getting in there it says but didn’t tell you how much soot beat on one thing and not very much of the other this is good way to make your getting all the things on look for products that have more than one angry that you might be looking for right now .


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