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    after the wigs on both sides of the ears and concentrated, and then tied into a fluffy princess oblique head looks like. 2, then the tail wigs twirling princess turned into a three-dimensional circular fluffy bun, then received a good wigs wigspin fixed. 3, with the shape of the usual string of pearls chain circling stereo wrap wigs, can act as a gorgeous styling wigs accessories embellishment. Before the completion of the action series tied not on wigs accessories, can be in the shape of the spray at strengthening the long-lasting effect in fluffy. Second, the fluffy nature of dazzling pleasant child LOOK deliberately pick overall shape loose tresses make look natural not artificial, it is not tied too tight weave real-time, so not to create a fluffy, but also remember to knit after a good Hand pointed tail comb or wigs pick out a little braids, showing irregular casual sense. 1, the bangs and wigs retain the left side of the temple, and then the top three strands of wigs woven into a fluffy appearance compiled from upper right to lower left fixed. 2, then the top of the head area and the right ear wigs to three strands woven into braids, and then catch loose braids, tied to the tail reflexed. 3, in order to make braids tied up are more irregular sense, can be spray some wigsspray before drawing tied to strengthen a sense of irregular messy. Selection has natural wigs styling effect while maintaining the degree of fiber plastic, coated wigs in bangs and side line, so that the lines more obvious layering. Third, the asymmetric shape of the full three-dimensional changes in the skill LOOK use braided wigs, fluffy ponytail at wigs fixed can enhance the overall sense of presence, while bypassing the brain’s processing braids, can not ignore the back of the head to maintain the arc curve. Liu Department Hidden adjust braids tips also have to pay attention to learn Oh! 1, the left half of the wigs to retain only the right half of the right ear wigs tied back into a loose ponytail look cute. And after the left half of the wigs from ear to three plus one way to take advantage of the three strands woven braid affixed to the scalp, tied to the right to go to the tail wound on the right side of the cauda equina homeopathic fixed. 2. As a result, fixed at the right side of the cauda equina more messy fluffy sense of style, a small amount of wigs above the bangs compiled pigtail, and after retaining clip to the ear, adjust the amount of fat wigs. 3, wigs tied back, the average spray the wigsspray, so fluffy effect can be more lasting.

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