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    I have any recent but he talks about ready when hews with 16 he was on debt be it for 60 months and he said for months and months and months he saw himself day his own all you have to do all you have to do is laying on a roll in SA there’s nowhere you know they come is intact are your mind can really goal of place is it 80,000 times he imagined himself died he imagine the funeral he imagined will Dees the detail what kind of flowers they would happen me he imagined it all he said but at some point he got the world are and he believes it was the turning point Enduros Male Enhancement he saw himself whale he staff seem so dying and saw himself preaching so then he said the 30 act together bob was a what I’ll be doing tomorrow I V pretty sharp air surveillance and see if you keep the word on the subject Enron in your eyes eventually you’ll see your cell in Miller you’ll see it you’ll see yourself well you’ll see you all see it up Karen I had a check you should hear every other day or every day you see yourself you don’t forget what it’s like to have diabetes you all you all see yourself having to get radiation treatment just see yourself you know are completely healed up that president at the idea.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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