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    You can even get like bottled up by pinpoints and Mike even get marine plankton sources and those are you know a drop a marine plankton literally contains billions of cells and that’s really good data sources Doha as well you know if you’re vegan or vegetarian he can’t you eggs are fish things that nature and you want a little bit more than what you get from walnuts I’d turn over 22 some the things we get from the ocean person you’re dean is earning intro packs a big fan of you mention some earlier that that the gen-x but besides that anything Brainfire else our own yeah I like guys who occasionally all use one bland on the upper asset and in her as attempt Alpha GPC bland so wanted a website satellite fur ball powdered nor tropics is called peak nor tropics I think it speaks no tropics dot com and a pretty good mix you can just put all this on the like a digital speed and scale and a measure it out if you don’t wanton get like a capsule filler something like that but for per one does she do about 1.5 grams I love harasser Tam and then you Anatolian one ratio that to an arrest the town so about 0.75 grams and harass a town so you got Popper ascertain 0.75 and a recitation and then what you want at is about five hundred milligrams love a really a really concentrated source of chorine because when you take and arrested him apr├Ęs it and those are going to ramp up.

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