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    Your mind your heart your soul so when you come to our house in Santee New Mexico we have a in our house we just have a default setting up music its Mozart 20of 20 hours a motor you about the Mozart Effect pioneer by my friend on Campbell who wrote about the original research when students in versa California listen to Mozart before a test of spatial reasoning the scores went up so the setup this huge explosion of study on the field and they found the patients in BrainFire hospital wards where they play Mozart music have lower infection rates plants grow better a lot of wineries are playing Mozart to their Bines to make better one but my favorite is they found the dairies when they play Mozart to the cows the cows give more milk because the moods artifact I shoo so create a brain nourishing environment think I’ve everything that you come in touch with on sensory basis everyday as nourishment for your brain the default setting in our world is viola junk food the good news is you can get access to Mozart you can put them in our defense you on your screen saver you can fresh flower you can read a poem you can share this with others in richer brain enrich the brains those around.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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