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    your muscle and then also staying lean for extended periods of time while also making games the gym because that’s also and knowing part you get super lean but if you don’t know you diet you won’t be able to you know food really making gains the gym and yet you can look at me to be happy about that but for me personally it’s not fun for me to just go in the gym in dude be stuck in the same way every week you know be lifting the same hours left in two months ago even though I might be you very you not be 67 percent by that I’m for I like I like lifting like getting stronger so I’m with her you’re going to die very easily maintain you know a seventy percent body fat range basically you’re around and making the gym have played energy get stronger I’m maintaining a five or six percent range it can be done as well too little BioMuscle XR bit tougher but the striatum talk it will work for that as well I guess it also depends on body some people find it much easier to maintain that super lead makings and others my body somewhere in the middle if I’m at five or six percent I can make gains but there’s difference for me 526 or seventy she’s my body I’m himself the thing is you handle or treating by giving your body rest that’s the bottom line you take of gym you don’t do any weight lifting and cardio you make it lower intensity I went to a bunch of high intensity cardio which also does put stress on the system and that basically it now to is your over train right now to recommend just lay off the weights for seven days feel better I guarantee it but then when I also recommend is that you plan in some time off every eight to 10 weeks you can either .

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