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    You’re a dislocated father just abandon the family because all you do is bring home the money a coach teaches your kid how to be tough teachers teach your kid all about epics world view and everything that scary and then you take your son to Sunday school for 30 minutes so he can draw pictures of Noah’s Ark and then you wonder why can’t we combat culture this is why now the Alpha XTRM young man hear your summer things I want you to say first ball I we’re just have to skip this part because I want to get down to another part I want to look at the principal subscribe courtship before we close this first of all in the principles of courtship the relationship is initiated by the young man it is not initiated by the girl now right now if this was on film andOprah got to hold up but I’d probably be on Oprah Winfrey Show tomorrow and they’d all be laughing at me.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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