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    I mean just think about it how many people do you know personally vegetables with every single meal and how many will get the recommended 10 servings of veggies every day very few people actually do this and that’s why it’s important to supplement your vegetable intake with the Greens supplement now greens are simply vegetable extracts in powdered Jacked Muscle Extreme form that you can mix up and drink with water jus or even as part of a protein shake and their many different kinds of green drinks that are available and each other after the nutritional benefits of green plants and vegetables green drinks contain many different alkalizing ingredients and the regular consumption of them helps to create and maintain alkyl in environment in our bodies now this is critical to bodybuilders because the high protein diet which you need to provide your body with the raw materials for muscle growth is also naturally acidic so the consuming it adequate vegetable intake and also supplementing your diet with greens.

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