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    Not sure there was recently a base in the new England journal where women was just not just for two days and she was having a huge heart attack they might be sure to breath so the idea particularly again for diabetic woman who might not have the same kinda pain is to understand what her symptoms might be and not be afraid to go for help if she’s having us I think that’s the single most important issue other than just preventing heart disease is that women are sometimes even treated differently in the emergency room and they’ve done studies on that as well let’s finish up okay osteoporosis you know .
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    I know that my grandmother got shorter and shorter every year I went to visit her and she and she has standing every single time I doctor wreck what are some other specific issues that we need to know about in terms of preventing bone disease we have learned that osteoporosis can be more common in diabetics and it can be more common we thought initially in just type once but it turns out that it probably is also more common in type 2 is I think this a two-prong issue related to fractures and these .

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