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    You know where things all you need to do is put new brake parson and that costs a lot less some rehab so how do you tell a few breaks again loll led to tension here scratching sound you put the brakes on for you here rubbing or like screeching sound yours he like metal on metal because your brake pads are worn-out think the bicycle you riding your bicycle every time you squeeze the brakes those rubber pads are stopping the tire with those rubber pads wore down you’d be having metal on the side ramp up here metal bicycle tire you hear like a screeching sound sometimes breaks do sweets just from being out in the dry weather in the same and I’ve had new brakes put on my car Miracle Phytoceramides and they’ve switched right after new brakes were put on or they’ll sweets you know just periodically during dry times I’ve been down your the beaches something so just get to know your car get to know it sounds and it’ll help you just pinpoint anything is wrong always easy to just go drive into mechanic they’re very friendly disaster hey can you check this for a minute you know is very willing to help especially when you going to take a long trip for go on vacation going off to college or something like that okay so let’s talk a couple things about keeping your car clean one of the things that I suggest you do. is get these nice rubber mask Nathan has after I could take up to see how think they are any time.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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