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    Represent the only passed to salvation or enlightenment whatever well but I called do the same saying with respect to help you Ultra Thin Complete know you have to eat this way to be healthy but you know there are there other parallel as well the way people identified deeply with a particular way if hedidn’t know you are joining a community a and you know the Combo tribalism surrounding that a some and it really is you know that some it’s a it’s an identification and even a moral compass people arm you know that’s why I see allot of you know the heated debates between different dietary factions you think wow why areyou getting so upset because someone you know it by a different set of rules but is because there is that you know people identify with it they’re joining a group and even gettinga moral compass outtalk belonging to that group works at a good point there is a akin immorality wrapped up in and some up these died.

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