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    She was making handcrafted lotions and solve and the reason she wanted start this business was because she discovered were found out about this really of powerful or actually which is working in Australia and the herb is yes comfrey so basically she just really fell in love with is amazing healing powers for the skin and for the muscles and ligaments and all that stuffs she decided that you know she wanted to create this line that on starring this amazing Irvine really just show people what I can do and she really truly believe that so her company is called genuinely simple which speaks volumes because everything is nongm I’ll Benn no synthetic fragrances are handcrafted she make this up out for kitchen and every little bottle shows the ingredients but on the back and Juvesiio their you know me I would agree ingredient stickler and there’s nothing we r in here it is just straight up natural ingredients and I’m not sure you guys know this but the skin is it Korean whatever you put on your skin will end up in your body so everything so it’s nice to have a product that doesn’t have anything weird in it because you know all those synthetic and fillers and fragrances and all that even though it’s just on your skin it will get your body so had a nice to her product doesn’t have anything like that not to worry about that so she sent me some other products.

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