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    I’ve gotten very clear about my mission just in the last year too leading up to the release of this bookend my mission is to help millions of people get leaner stronger fitter and healthier and ever since the early days my mission has always been to help more people I started out like a lot of other guys in this industry I went to college get a degree in exercise science I got to the top certifications from the NSCA an ACSM and then almost literally the day after graduating I took a job as a personal trainer in gyms and health clubs and when I started I work with people one-on-one the gym just an hour per session and that’s how we did back then there were aerobics classes but group fitness and boot camps weren’t what they are today and was no internet back then so I was Nitro XL helping people one person at time just one our time and it was a great experience it was enjoyable it was rewarding but I realize I can only work with so many people I probably over many years trained hundreds of people one-on-one and then I got my first Internet connection in 1998 and right away I knew I could reach more people so by 1999 had internet coaching program and I was working with people all over the world then a few years later in 2003 one of my colleagues showed me how hews publishing his own book online as an eBook and right away.

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