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    We have plastic water bottles tiresome coffee cups et cetera plastic wrap on our fruits vegetables meats Center where the highest pollutants in the human body and it damages the cardiovascular system big time in fact if you’re in the hospital recently when you have my he’s it load you up with more plastic and cyclohexanone known to damage the heart create higher blood pressure et cetera so the Easter with him but very fundamental reasons and I could go on and on but I’ll let me speak well I no years but a lot of pepperoni thank you and was Striction BP because we just curious with work your way up a book about I what sure ok forget they don’t particularly like urns now to think that I kind of want to do it grossed one most immediate what you were talking about basketball I’m astounded at how many people by water problems store Paul poker now at birth you know good feels like a good idea going back fifty years ago could even be twenty years ago distorted big on the market and you know if you’re under the impression you know great pressure Queen called food water occurred and well you know.

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