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    I have one t25 assigns dirty it’s like super flack and I’m reallylike it so I kinda take the shadow like on the east side of the brash almost like I just press it and they’re like that and this is I mean look at its insanely payment and so be careful and actually gonna of that of my hand how many times I saidthe worm of in this media had to pay I think it’s been like probably fifteen-already Opuderm Premium Skin Care that’s a problem so I’m just gonna take best and run iton the outer part of my lead and I’ll take it up into the crease and that’s honestly all i do. its so easy now I’m gonna all that happens MikeReiss not too much though because I don’t want this to be like night time I just want it tobe a little bit deeper and I’ll go back and planner I just wantto get it one her right now because can see what I’m doing and I want to have that plan I’m just gonna take it the 41stlike manner and just plain the edges said that it’snot we don’t want any harsh lines okay andI’m gonna break not that shot on entire car again take my lord how voluminous-smoldering eyeliner you don’t want to I wanted us or do Iwanted to yeah you know I’m gonna do that.


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